Choose how to attend a course

Pipeline’s catalog of professional training courses in Milan is extensive and incredibly versatile. With us, you can learn in the way that best suits your needs. On each course sheet you will find all the available options, from face-to-face lessons with a teacher in a classroom in Milan, to e-learning. In addition, by choosing a personalized professional course, we will help you define a package of modules that integrates different modalities. Here is the list of those available and the symbols you will find on the course cards.

Classroom trainings

The most engaging and interactive course experience. You can ask direct questions at the teacher and focus in a spacious and welcoming environment. Truely attending training courses in Milan.

Virtual classroom 

Like in the classroom, but online. The teacher explains from our office or from their PC, and you can ask questions and workshops from our video conferencing platform.


With e-learning you can start the course on any day and time, stop it in case of commitments or tiredness and continue when you want.

Blended trainings

Training paths with multiple options. You can create your course by combining E-learning modules, classroom courses, and personalized consulting.

Customized trainings

Choose the subject of the course and we will help you define the program that best suits your needs. You can hold sessions virtually or in your company.

Feel free to roam through our catalogue and if anything comes to mind, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll gladly solve your doubts!