eng Customized courses

Customized courses

Customized courses are built based on the specific needs of individual professionals or business teams. Our consultants will help you define the course program, and you can hold the sessions directly in your company. On-the-job training is very effective in the case of implementing new software, solving problems and making new teams independent in a short time.

On-the-job training

The on-the-job training method involves an expert working alongside an individual or group of learners. As a specialist in that field on that subject, or for that program, the expert will be able to answer the most specific doubts. The training takes place virtually or in your company if required. Therefore, learning can be done quickly and according to your needs.

How customized courses are created

Customized courses are born from your needs! At Pipeline we prefer to anticipate your needs before you even think of them yourself. This is precisely why we have made as many course modalities available as possible. We understand that not everyone will have the hourly availability for classroom or virtual classroom courses. Likewise, we understand the need to have a teacher on site and not just an e-learning course. You need on-the-job training, and we will provide it!

Feel free to roam through our catalogue and if anything comes to mind, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll gladly solve your doubts!


Analysis of training needs and objectives


Macro assessment of existing skills and prerequisite


Designing of the training program to be applied according to your actual needs and the skills your employees already have


Project sharing between your business points of contact and Pipeline consultants


Skills Assessment


Refinement of the training project


Implementation of the training project


Skills assessment (optional)


Analysis of results and sharing with company points of contact