Pipeline distributes Knowledge Pillars certification exams in Italy

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A few days ago an agreement between Pipeline and Knowledge Pillars was signed, giving Pipeline the distribution of Knowledge Pillars vendor-neutral certification exams in Italy.

Knowledge Pillars is responsible for the development of professional certifications that enrich resumes by making them more attractive to those who are conducting searches for new employees. Its certifications can help to identify qualified professionals, ensure skill recognition, enhance credibility, and help aspiring and experienced professionals stay up to date.

Knowledge Pillars certification exams are 100% web-based, Live-in-the-App and include the PCS Python Coding Specialist, WCE WordPress Certified Editor, CSC C# Coding Specialist and DCS .Net Coding Specialist. These last 2 certifications will be released soon.

The agreement between Pipeline and Knowledge Pillars is in response to the growing interest in web-editing and development certifications and the need to validate skills, by separating candidates who 'know' from those who can 'do'. According to the European Commission, up to 825,000 ICT job vacancies were found in 2020 with more than 90 % of professional occupations requiring digital skills, including programming. Programming is everywhere and is essential to understanding a hyper-connected world. Coding is today's literacy and helps make 21st century skills such as problem solving, teamwork and analytical thinking practical.” – Shaping Europe's digital future, Coding – the 21st century skill.

“We are delighted to have Pipeline as our new certification exam distributor in Italy. We are committed to offering aspiring web-editing and development professionals the opportunity to validate specific skill-sets and the key to this vision is the construction of a strong distributor ecosystem that can enable these professionals to stand out in the skills market.” – Alessandro Macri', CEO Knowledge Pillars.
“We want to offer our customers a portfolio of solutions for training and certification of skills that is increasingly complete. The agreement with Knowledge Pillars, a young and proactive company, allows us to complete and enrich our proposal and respond to the requests and needs of many who in the web and coding field struggle to find an answer regarding the validation of competence.” – Alberto Chiarini, Learning Services Manager Pipeline.

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If you want more information about the Knowledge Pillars certification exams do not hesitate to contact us: our staff will be at your complete disposal!
• you can call us at +39 026074791
• you can write to formazione@pipeline.it
• you can chat with our operator using the chat on our website

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