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Ambizione Italia

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Ambizione Italia

What is Ambizione Italia?

Ambizione Italia or Ambition Italy #Digitalrestart is a five-year investment plan of Microsoft Italy, whose aim is to support the innovation and growth of the country. An ambitious project that is divided between programs of digitization of enterprises, laboratories of Artificial Intelligence and digital training initiatives. The final goal is to train about 1.5 million people among students, professionals and unemployed over the next three years (find out more in the Ambizione Italia portal).

Pipeline support for the country’s educational growth process

It is in this scenario that Pipeline, the historic system integrator, and official learning partner of Microsoft Italy, comes into play, a point of reference for training and consulting, especially on Microsoft technologies. For 30 years Pipeline has been supporting young people and established professionals with trainings and refresher courses.

The Italian scenario

In an era of great change, the labour market is undoubtedly one of the areas most affected by this transformation. Hence the need to create new professions and at the same time new skills. According to Unioncamere (Italian Union of the chambers of commerce) research, over the next 5 years, as many as 2.7 million jobs will require new specialized professional figures, of which over 50% will be digital skills. In this context, Pipeline is an active partner in the Ambition Italy #DigitalRestart initiative and works alongside Microsoft Italia in the creation and delivery of constantly updated training content.

“The lifespan of professional skills, particularly in technical fields, is getting shorter and shorter. This means they need to be updated on an ongoing basis. The radical change we are experiencing nowadays may not seem like the best time to do this. Instead, it is precisely in this challenging scenario that digital transformation can help our companies, their interactions, and the way they work. It is complicated, but we need to look at this period as an opportunity, a chance to get back in the game. We need new digital skills, new strategies in growth paths, new ways of upskilling and reskilling. That is why we are pleased to support the Ambition Italy project and put our experience and professionalism in the field of training at the service of the growth of our country”. 

Alberto Chiarini, Learning Services Director of Pipeline.

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